Why Textile Laminations Will Change Your Life

14 Nov Why Textile Laminations Will Change Your Life

Lamination is an increasingly important technique for adding value to textiles. The application for laminated textiles is widespread across a variety of technical textile sectors, and laminated materials cut across all industry segments, making our lamination capabilities extremely valuable and versatile. Lamination enhances and extends the range of functional performance properties of textiles and can thus benefit you and your organisation greatly.

Finlam Technical specialises in creating improved fabrics, and here is why laminations will change your life.

Ease of Use

Laminating textiles results in a material that is improved in quality and sustainability thanks to the reinforcing ingredients used throughout the process. Waste is minimised at the same time, as a durable fabric can be used in all manner of applications.


Laminated textiles are lightweight while still offering sufficient bond strength. This makes them durable yet not so impenetrable to inhibit good air flow. Fabric laminations can conserve breathability of the fabric whilst reinforcing it with other properties, such as waterproofing.


Web adhesives for clothing textile lamination offer good wear and wash resistance due to their temperature and chemical resistance capability. This helps maintain the integrity of the clothing. In this way, textile laminations can benefit your products, and generate a satisfied response from customer.

The processes of coating and laminating textiles have become much more important for improving performance, improving durability, appearance retention and aesthetic value of textiles. Custom lamination processes add an additional range of properties, usages, functionality, and improvements, whilst retains the inherent properties of the textiles, all of which have been consistently approved of by our customers.

Having widespread application across a range of technical textiles sectors, they increase functionality and durability as well as value. They can include waterproofing, stain, flame and UV resistance, retro-reflection or fluorescence, anti-microbial or phase change materials.

Among the industries whose lives will change:

  • Agriculture: fencing, crop covers, bags, shade materials, pond liners, wind covers
  • Construction: safety vests, hoses, truck covers, shoe uppers and linings, artificial leather bags and belts, rainwear
  • Clothing: garment linings, backing, water or stain repellents, gloves, hats
  • Geotextiles: settling pond liners, irrigation liners, landfill liners and covers, erosion barriers
  • Home furnishings: upholstery, trim, carpet backing, drapery backing, bedding
  • Industrial: conveyor belts, filtration, barrier materials, field covers, abrasive backing, mechanical rubber goods
  • Medical: barrier materials, bandages, gloves, upholstery, body bags
  • Transportation: seating or trim, trucks, aircraft, buses, hoses, belts, headlining, seating, carpeting, airbags, truck covers
  • Sport: athletic shoes, rainwear, backpacks, tents, exercise mats and balls, seating, field covers
  • Protective: gloves, slash resistant materials, aprons, clean room chemical suits, footwear, space suits

Finlam’s custom laminating operations have a high level of process monitoring, process control, high-end technical specifications, and automation. Contact us for all your textile requirements.