What is Antimicrobial Fabric?

30 May What is Antimicrobial Fabric?

Finlam Technical has numerous capabilities when it comes to treating fabrics to better protect themselves and their human users from unpleasant and unhealthy substances. Antimicrobial fabric is particularly useful in a medical environment, but first, we chat about how antimicrobial is applied to textiles and the many benefits thereof…

What is an Antimicrobial and How is it Applied to Fabric?

An antimicrobial is defined as a substance that gets rid of – and prevents the growth of – microorganisms. Particularly, an antimicrobial treatment aims to inhibit the spread of pathogenic microorganisms, meaning bacteria, viruses, fungi and more.

An antimicrobial treatment can be introduced to the fibres of a textile while it is being spun of extruded, combined with dyes or pigments, or applied as a treatment once the textile is completely made up. The introduction of the antimicrobial agent is determined by the final use of the fabric, what the manufacturer is capable of doing, and of course the budget of the client.

The now antimicrobial fabric is constantly fighting to destroy microorganisms and thus protect its human users. Investing in antimicrobial treatments and products not only ensures safety but extends the life of the textile as well.

The Function of Antimicrobial Fabric in Everyday Life

Antimicrobial fabric is more common than you would think – it is not only limited to the medical field. The layer of protection that an antimicrobial imbues in a fabric makes it incredibly durable and increases its longevity, by reducing the weakening of the fabric by means on contamination.

Common examples of antimicrobial fabrics are treated awnings, boat textiles such as covers and bimini tops, tents, industrial fabrics, military uniforms and much more.

Medical Use of Antimicrobial Fabric

Hospitals are huge users of antimicrobial textiles. From blankets to bedding to mattresses, hospital fabrics are always being introduced to sweat, oils and other contaminants and can easily become home to millions of bacteria, mould and disease.
For this reason, hospital textiles are treated with an antimicrobial, flame stain, odour resistance and many more protective treatments to protect the health of their patients.

Contaminants in the form of microorganisms are able to live, grow and of course, spread through fabrics, which is why medical institutions use antimicrobial treatment.

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