About US

textile industryAlthough the business has been going for 36 years, it is the best kept secret in the Textile Industry. Since the MBO a few years ago, Finlam has invested heavily in new equipment to facilitate the improvement of its current range of products and allow the company to expand into new markets.  Along with the acquisition of new equipment, Finlam has headhunted some of the most skilled personnel our local Industry has to offer. This healthy combination has resulted in Finlam experiencing substantial growth into new markets in recent years.  We realized some time back that we need to grow all our staff from top to bottom by encouraging a culture of learning.  Finlam is all about our Team. Hence our staff make monthly visits to customers and suppliers so as to ensure that we understand how things are made and secondly where our products are used.

While most people view the South African Textile Industry as being in a downward spiral, we firmly believe as with the combination of the DTI Capex programs, ever weakening rand and governments local procurement policies, the opportunities are endless.  Due to the fact that we supply products into a vast variety of highly technical markets such fire-fighting, filtration, footwear, medical, military and apparel to name a few, we usually partner with a company that proves to be a leader in their respective field.   This allows us to run field trials and obtain constructive feedback to ensure that we continually improve our products’ performance.