Safety Wear

Our product focus in the protective gear market is on drop linings and moisture barriers. We have a couple of standard products in our range, but we usually work with customers to develop a product that meets their particular need.

We have two classes of moisture barrier.

Fire Protection Range

Polyester Class

This is a more economical moisture barrier.  It is a waterproof/breathable laminate that is constructed with an FR treated polyester woven fabric that is laminated to either a FR PU membrane or a PTFE membrane.  There are a couple of choices available for PU membrane thicknesses.  On the PTFE membrane side we also have different options, both in breathability and also treated or untreated membranes.

Aramid Class

This is a higher performing moisture barrier, using a blend of para and meta aramids laminated to a PTFE membrane.  Depending on your requirements we offer a variety of PTFE membranes, as well as a choice of the base non-woven, including a flat or apertured construction.

Military Jackets

Finlam is able to supply fabrics for military waterproof/breathable jackets. These products are usually three-ply laminates, with either PU or PTFE membranes. The outer fabric is usually printed and treated with a water repellent finish. The liner is usually a warp knit fabric. These fabrics have very high specifications.

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