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05 Jul Our Durable Outdoor Textiles

Finlam Technical understands that outdoor textiles need to be durable and robust against the elements in order to provide maximum protection to our customers. We carry Riptech, Contour and SunX ranges of outdoor textiles available with various protective finishes for a variety of applications. Learn more about these excellent ranges and how they can suit your requirements in the blog below.

Riptech Canvas for Robust Outdoor Textiles

Riptech Canvas has evolved throughout years of extensive testing and continuous improvements to become a manufacturer of extremely durable, robust canvas textiles perfect for outdoor applications. Riptech has taken feedback from the African and Australian markets – two continents that experience similarly harsh and diverse climates – to formulate top quality improvements for their products through rigorous testing. As such, what was once designed for military applications has become a prime choice of outdoor textiles for 5-star game and hotel lodges.

Riptech manufactures all aspects of their outdoor textiles in-house, from weaving and chemical blending to final coating for added protection. In doing so, the company is able to monitor each process strictly and ensure that all Riptech textiles meet the stringent standards that their customers have become accustomed to.

A variety of binders, anti-fungal and mildew additives, UV inhibitors and pigments are used to prepare the outdoor textiles and imbue strength into them to stand true against the elements. Riptech values meticulousness and discipline in its manufacturing process, as these core values result in a reliable and consistent product. Their standard batch sizes are 5,000 metres to ensure colour continuity, and thanks to their dedication to consistency, Riptech has achieved under DeltaE 1 shade variance from batch to batch.

Internal testing follows as each batch goes through waterhead, tensile, weight and colour matching. The customer can opt for a water repellent finish or flame-retardant version to be applied to their outdoor textiles on request. Riptech supplies a blend of emulsion tailored to a customer’s unique requirements.

Contour Stretch Fabrics for Tenting

Contour’s range of stretch fabrics have been designed for a diverse rental and semi-permanent stretch tent market. Contour knits and dyes its fabrics on site using only the strongest yarn and automotive-grade dye stuffs in order to guarantee durability in their outdoor textiles. Tenting and tent solutions typically endure harsh and varied conditions as they are constantly battered by the sun, rain and wind whilst serving their purpose.

Contour prioritise quality that is never compromised and thus use the most modern and sophisticated machinery in the coating and laminating process. As an ISO 9001 certified plant, Contour products are fully tested before being dispatched to their international customer base.

The Contour range of outdoor textiles is divided into 2-ply (2X) and 3-ply (3X) product ranges. The differences between these two options is detailed below.

Contour 2X:

The 2-ply Contour range is coated in PVC product that is best suited to semi-permanent tenting structures. The 2X range comes with a water repellent finish and an anti-microbial treatment to ensure a long lifespan of the textile. This range is available in 150cm width and in three colours, namely natural, grey and beige. Contour 2X comes in both a flame retardant and non-flame-retardant version, as well as in two weights: 550g/m² and 700g/m².

Unique features:

The Contour 2X range is the lightest semi-permanent stretch fabric on the market and is the most consistently coated product available.

Contour 3X:

This range consists of a 3-ply laminate made using a robust membrane which ensures durability, water-proofing and excellent retractability. The Contour 3X range is treated with a water repellent finish and an anti-microbial to add longevity to the textile. The basic stock colours of the range are natural, grey, beige, black and red, although and colour can be matched in this range. The non-flame-retardant 3X is supplied at 170cm wide and in two weights: 500g/m² and 650g/m².  Flame retardant 3X is supplied at a 150cm and comes in at about 600g/m².

Unique features:

The 3X range is the lightest durable stretch fabric available on the market, which reduced the cost of rigging and transport. Excellent retractability is afforded to this range. It is also the only stretch fabric to recover after each function, thus reducing unsightly bubbles found in competitor products.

SunX Umbrella and Gazebo Textiles

The SunX range of outdoor textiles is ideal for use in umbrellas and gazebos. The basic SunX range has a water repellent finish and is available in red, yellow, navy, royal, black and green.

This range has a UPF rating of 50+, which means that the fabric will allow one fiftieth (roughly 2%) of UV transmission through. The colour fastness of the range to weathering is at >6, a very good rating that indicates no fading to very light fading will occur over time. This product is available in both 180cm (1.8m) and 240cm(2.4m) widths.

The SunX Extreme range is waterproof and is therefore well suited for additional applications as boat covers and beyond. Basic colours are stocked, but customers can contact a Finlam specialist to discuss customised colour requirements.

How to Get in Touch with Finlam Technical

Finlam Technical are specialists in textile laminations and finishings, and you can contact us to discuss the outdoor textiles that will best suit your applications. From tenting to gazebos, Finlam Technical have the outdoor textiles that will provide you with years of robust weather protection.