How Outdoor Textiles Benefit from High UPF Rating

03 Aug How Outdoor Textiles Benefit from High UPF Rating

Outdoor textiles are expected to withstand a number of environmental factors that ultimately work to wear them down, both aesthetically and physically. Outdoor textiles with a high UPF rating are much better suited to withstand the sun’s powerful rays, and to better protect anyone who finds themselves beneath a tent, marquee, or canvas structure. Today, we will look at the benefits of outdoor textiles with high UPF ratings and how Finlam Technical can help you.

What is a UPF Rating in Outdoor Textiles?

The UPF Rating system is one that measures a textiles effectiveness at limiting the passage of harmful ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B radiation. Similar to SPF rating in sunscreen, the higher a textiles UPF rating, the better it is at protecting a textile – and whoever finds themselves beneath it – from the harmful rays of the sun.

A textile with a UPF Rating of 15 or 20 is considered good; those with a UPF Rating of 25 to 35 are considered very good; and those with a UPF Rating of 40 to 50+ are considered excellent. The number in the UPF rating indicates the fraction of UV radiation the textile blocks, for example, a UPF Rating of 50 means that only 1/50th of UV radiation passes through the textile.

Why It Is Important to Use Textiles with High UPF Ratings

Outdoor textiles with high UPF Ratings block more of the harmful UV radiation that emanates from the sun, which in turn causes sunburn, skin ageing and even skin cancer. Considering this, it is important that tents, marquees, and other outdoor structures are constructed from outdoor textile with high UPF ratings, so as to better protect the people that take shelter beneath them. Manufacturers have started using UPF rated textiles in a number of different products, form tents to baby strollers to clothing, due to its protective capabilities and health benefits.

How Finlam Can Improve Your Textiles UPF Rating

At Finlam Technical, one of our many services is that of UV stabilising. For those who may not know, UV stabilisers are substances that prevent a chemical process known as ‘photo degradation’, which entails UV radiation collapsing the bonds within a polymer.

The UV rays react with the bonds within a polymer and produce free radicals, which further react with oxygen and work to discolour, crack, and even totally destroy a textile.

As part of our textile capabilities, Finlam Technical can apply UV stabilisers to your textile and increase its ultraviolet protection factor. Click here to enquire about our UV Stabilisation process.

Finlam’s Outdoor Textiles

At Finlam, we offer a range of durable textiles that are suitable for outdoor use.

Our Riptech Canvas is known to withstand the toughest weather conditions and has even been used for military applications. Riptech makes use of state-of-the-art European looms and emulsion equipment to ensure excellent product quality and regulation. Take a look at the characteristics of Riptech Canvas, here.

Our Contour range of stretch fabrics are designed for very diverse rental and semi-permanent stretch tent applications. The textiles used for Contour are made from extremely strong yarn and automotive grade dye to enhance durability and aesthetic longevity. Check out our Contour range, here.

Lastly, the SunX range of textiles is designed for use in umbrellas and gazebos. This range of textiles comes standard with a water repellent finish and sports a UPF rating of 50+. You can expect excellent colour fastness with SunX, and unbelievable protection from harmful UV rays. Learn more about SunX, here.