Fabric Treatments

Finlam Technical has a variety of different options that can be used to handle your finishing needs:

Water, Oil & Chemical Repel

Fabric is treated with a Fluorocarbon chemical that helps it to repel water and oil, as well as act as a protective barrier from stains and the accumulation of dirt particles.


Fabric is treated with a wetting chemical that helps it to attract and absorb water.


A fabric treatment that provides protection against fungal and bacterial infection.

Flame Retarding

This treatment is designed to give flame retardant properties to woven, knitted, and non woven textiles. ┬áThere are many different FR standards, so solutions are customized to the customer’s fabric and the required specification.

UV Stabilizing

This treatment is designed to provide protection against the harsh UV rays of the sun.


Fabric is treated to provide waterproofing. This can be obtained via a coating, impregnation, or by application of a waterproof membrane.


A treatment that provides more body to a fabric and creates a stiffer feel.

Peel & Stick Coating

A pressure sensitive chemical is coated onto a fabric, and is then protected with a release paper. The end-user, at a later stage, will then remove the release paper, and by pressing the exposed surface to another laminate, will create a bond.

Thermo Active Coating

A thermo active chemical is coated onto a fabric. Once applied, the chemical can be later activated with heat to bond to another surface.