contour-235x236Our Contour Range of Stretch fabrics has been designed for the very diverse rental and semi-permanent Stretch Tent market.  The fabric used for the Contour products are knitted and dyed on site using only the strongest yarn and automotive grade dye stuffs to ensure durability in the harsh outdoor conditions experienced by these structures.  The coating and laminating process is done on the most modern and sophisticated machinery available, to ensure that quality is never compromised.

Being an ISO 9001 certified plant, all our products are fully tested before being dispatched to our international customer base.  Finlam is able to put together a custom solution for you, please chat to our sales staff for more information.   Product Specifications are available upon request.

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The Contour Range is divided into 2 ply (2X) and 3 ply (3X) product ranges.

Contour 2X

This product is a coated PVC product best suited for semi permanent structures.  Contour 2x comes with a water repellent finish and an anti microbial treatment.  2X is supplied in a 150cm width, in three colours:  Natural, Grey and Beige.  Contour comes in both a flame retardant and non flame retardant version as well as in two weights ,550g / sqm and 700g / sqm.

Unique Features

  • Lightest semi permanent stretch fabric on the market
  • Most consistent coated product on the market. (Easy to weld)
Contour 3X

This product consists of a 3-ply laminate using a very robust membrane to ensure durability, water proofing and excellent re-tractability.  Contour 3X is treated with a water repellent finish and an anti-microbial treatment.  3X can be matched to any colour however the basic stock colours are Natural, Beige, Grey, Black and Red.  The non-flame retardant 3X is supplied at 170cm wide and in two weights , 500g sqm and  650g / sqm.  Flame retardant 3X is supplied at a 150cm and comes in at about 600g / sqm.

Unique Features

  • Lightest durable stretch fabric available on the market. (reducing rigging and transport costs)
  • Excellent re-tractability. The only stretch fabric to recover after each function, thus reducing those unsightly bubbles found on competitors product

It is important to note that we DO NOT manufacture tents, but only the fabric that is used to make these structures.

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