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Finlam Technical has the most sophisticated coating equipment in the country and is rapidly becoming the leader at textile coating in our Industry in terms of the number of processes it can offer a customer to laminate their fabric.  Having been in the textile industry since 1978, we offer flame , water based systems, reactive hot melt, powder and film laminations.  Each one of these processes has a unique advantage, allowing our customers to achieve their required outcome.

Our core business is the lamination, impregnation and coating of textiles.  We offer a range of coatings such as waterproof, breathable, print ready coatings right down to your basic ironing board silver coatings.  Having started in the footwear industry, Finlam has developed a versatile product range and has diversified into other industries.  Over the years, our attention to customer needs has earned us an international reputation for quality and reliability.  Finlam products have continued to evolve so as to offer our customers the best protection from moisture, temperature, UV light, fire, stains, fraying, mould and mildew, as well as provide many other performance enhancing characteristics.